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A process you can trust (Thorough Screening, Checks)

Your entire job profile on your phone. (Video, Timesheet, Payslip)

Flexibility (Accept Assignments at your Convenience)

The Outcomes

If you’re a candidate looking for part time or temporary work, Verify-Me is the only tool you’ll ever need.

With Verify-Me you as the jobseekers get the following:

  • After downloading the app, we meet with you to verify your information.
  • Together we set your hourly rate and finalise your banking information.
  • Once verified, you will not need to apply for jobs.
  • Clients will book you for temp jobs.
  • Details of the job before accepting.  Duties, duration and location.
  • Accept or decline jobs depending on your availability.
  • You will be able to rate every job assignment when it’s complete.
  • The app will log your hours and produce payslips.

See your value as a client and download our Verify-Me client App